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Exotic, wonderful, colourful bindis and non - piercing self adhesive tattoos for all occasions and needs. With sharp contours and studded stones, these bindis come in different sizes and look absolutely stunning and when applied to forehead add to the beauty of a woman. Today, these glittering bindis are being used by young girls and women as a fashion accessory all over the world.
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Bindi Dots
The Holy Dot or Bindi, also known as kumkum, tilak, sindhoor and by other names in India, is an auspicious makeup traditionally worn by Hindu women and girls on their forehead(between the eyes-the third eye area) to decorate their faces. They are a part of India's heritage and culture.However, today the religious significance of the bindi is largely forgotten and it is worn as a fashion accessory, one of the forms being non-piercing self adhesive body tattoos.

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